Thursday, November 28, 2013

Added some new patches to the collection

I know this is dorky, but here's a riveting update on my racing patch collection! I started collecting racing patches when I first began working in Grand-Am back in 2005. I started the collection at races by getting the various team's drivers to get me extra series and sponsor patches from the Grand-Am series trailer. Now I buy patches at most new racetracks I go toor buy interesting ones I can find at trackside vendors and even through eBay now and then.

I picked up at the Lola, Daytona, and Nurburgring patches at the Formula 1 Fan Fest in Austin two weeks ago and the ALMS patches for $1 a piece on closeout at

New Patches

My full collection

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Inside Look at the life of Joey Hand

Short, but good video on the life of American BMW Factory Driver and one of my favorite road racers - Joey Hand.

2014 PAX/RTP Index Published

Love it or hate it....the PAX index has become ingrained in the autocross culture. While frequently used for more than it is really intended, the index is a useful tool for "relative" comparison between classes especially for local events where the classes are not generally as deep. There is a separate index for SCCA ProSolo events that is slightly different to account for the drag start that is integral to ProSolo (ie. AWD classes have a tougher index plus some other changes).

ESP stayed the same as last year at 0.849. Look here for PAX historical data:

Thanks to Rick Ruth for all the work he does behind the scenes to put this together. 

2014 National SCCA Solo Schedule Released

The SCCA recently released a preliminary schedule for the 2014 National Solo series. My Dad and I will be contesting the Texas ProSolo and Championship Tour in addition to the Spring Nationals over Memorial Day. The big shows will be the ProSolo Finale and Solo Nationals over Labor Day again in Lincoln. I may try to hunt for some co-drives next year for fly away events but we'll have to see how the begging works out next year!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

New Addition to the Family

Meet Koni....

She is a 2 year old Shiba Inu and will keeping Ali company at the track in 2014!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Formula 1 at COTA - View from Turn 7

View from Turn 7 General Admission Seating

I decided to try and do F1 on the cheap this year - not easy given how expensive EVERYTHING related to F1 is. My buddy Josh and I bought race day only tickets for General Admission and stayed with friends the night before to help the cash outflow (Thanks Sarah and Andrew!). COTA has made some big improvements in the food vending department as well as improvements to the "hang out" areas for between sessions. Only drawback this year was they added some new VIP Suites in several areas around the track (mainly Turn 2) that limit the view from several general admission areas. Overall, despite the fairly processional race with a predictable outcome, it was a fun Sunday at the track and maybe even more fun Saturday night in Austin....

Here is a quick clip from out seats. F1 cars are running about 120mph mid-corner at Turn 7 which is mind-bendingly quick....

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

For Sale: 2010 Spirit (Birel) SP32 Stock Moto Package w/ spares and trailer

I am selling my stock moto shifter kart package. This is is a ready to race complete package. The chassis is a 2010 Spirit SP32 32mm shifter chassis. The chassis was designed by multi-time karting World Champion Gianluca Beggio and made by Birel. It is very similar in construction to the Birel 32mm chassis, likes to be tuned the same way, and uses the same Freeline components (therefore all parts can be purchased from a Birel dealer). I purchased the kart from 3G Kart Racing in Katy, TX (a Birel dealer and race team) after it was raced only once in the WSK series. I raced it for one full regional season in 2011 and a few local races in 2012. It was has never been crashed. The kart is currently fitted with a Birel pedal extender for taller drivers. It has a plastic full length rear bumper. 

The engine is a Honda CR125 built to SKUSA legal stock moto specs by SRS Engines. It uses SRS' Hybrid Float twin pump fuel system with a PMW carb so it is a potent package. For exhaust, the kart has a RLV R4 pipe with a adjustable M4 Silencer. It is cooled by a large radiator that was custom sourced by 3G Kart Racing (cost ~425 new). I used honeycomb to cover it so it is in good condition.

The kart comes with a Mychron 4 w/ GPS and data key. The kart is wired to log EGT, RPM, and water temp. 

Kart stand included with kart. 

My trailer is a 2008 Haulmark 6x12 Box trailer. The tires have low mileage and it has bolted in mounting points to tie down my kart on it's kart stand. 

Spares & Tools

Chassis: Extra set of Douglas Mag wheels, 5 total axles (Freeline B, D2.0, D2.5 (on kart), F, and P), Z-Racing kart cover, 4 spare tierods (from other chassis, used for hardware spares), spare shifter linkage, two spare throttle cables, 2 spare clutch cables, extra radiator mounts, box of assorted seat struts and chassis brackets, 1998-1999 Honda CR125R Service Manual, 1992-1997 Honda CR125R Service Manual, 2 spare pedals (from a different chassis), many extra front and rear brake pad shims, many new and used brake rebuilt kit parts (caliper and MC), different length brake rod, extra fuel cap, extra hardware for wheel bead stops, two 5lb lead weights

Engine: PWK carb, Jet set for PWM or PWK carb (lots of different jets, ask for details), adjustable shims for M4 silencer, two bottles of Motul 2T pre-mix, Bottle of 10W30 Motul gearbox fluid, new CR125 piston ring, used CR125 piston w/ ring (good condition), spare RLV R4 pipe, spare M4 Silencer, Spare AMC Aluminum engine mount, many feet of extra fuel hose of various colors, many extra radiator hose and reduction fittings, spare fuel filter, New SRS reeds, new water pump gasket, new Honda ECU cover, New NGK spark plug wire, four new NGK BR9EG spark plugs, Six used NGK iridium BPR9EIX spark plugs, many new and used fuel pump rebuilt parts, spare exhaust gasket and seals, four used CZ/DID chains, spare engine sprockets (14T new, 15T new, 15T used, 16T used, 17T used), spare aluminum axle sprockets (22T, 24T, 25T, 26T, 27T)

Mychron Parts: Two AIM beacon pickups (kart side), 3 total transponder mounts (1 on kart), extra EGT lead, wheel speed sensor w/ extra axle pickups

Tools: Birel front spindle wrench, tire bead breaker, chain breaker, piston stop, fuel jug

Spares & Tools Package

I am asking $7,500 for the full package. I would prefer to sell it as a full package with the trailer. I will consider selling the kart and/or trailer separately. I will not sell individual parts until the kart is sold. Please email at < dogburn at gmail dot com> with questions. Thanks for the interest. 

I have several extra items that can be added to the package if you want:
- 38gal of VP MS89L race fuel (34gal in a 54gal drum, 4gal in a 5gal can)
- 360 Device Neck Brace
- Alpinestars Tech 1-KR Karting Gloves (Size L)


Here are some more current detail shots of the kart:

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Surprising Find at a Local Antique Store....

Ali and I hit up a local antique store several weeks ago and stumbled across this Doyle Racing team WSC-class Riley Prototypes and rig setup from the 1996 Exxon World Sports Car Championship (found after some quick googling....). These cars were driven by Wayne Taylor, Scott Sharp, Eric van der Poele and Jim Pace. Not a bad find for $20 in a West Texas antique shop....

The Real Thing (

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Onboard Video and Skid Car Drifting from the Bondurant School

Sea of C6 Grand Sports at Bondurant
Below are a few videos from my trip to the Bondurant school two weeks ago. I took the Advanced Road Racing class and as always, it was a great learning experience at a top-notch facility with excellent instructors. 

Hot Lap of the Bondurant East Track:

Hot Lap of the Bondurant West Track:

Burning Rubber in a Pontiac GTO Skid Car:

A few more photos from the trip:

Andy Lee's Pirelli World Challenge GTS Camaro along with two Stock Cars
road racing cars offered for classes by instructor Chris Cook at the Bondurant School

Closer up view of the Bondurant GTS World Challenge Camaro

We paid a quick visit to the Local Motors shop located across the Highway from Bondo....

home of the BA off-road machine that is the Rally Fighter!