Wednesday, December 24, 2014

SWAG Off-Road Bandsaw

Best tool I've bought in a long-time:

It turns a port-a-band into a vertical band saw and works great for sheet metal, bar stock, and tubing. It's a perfect low-cost solution for making racecar sized brackets, chassis stands, etc. It comes with a foot pedal on/off switch which makes it easy to use up on a work bench or on the ground with a small rolling stool.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Texas-izing the Truck

I've been here for five years so it seemed like the time was right....

The lift was handy for this one

Bring on the 'Roos....

Monday, November 17, 2014

New 335/30ZR18 Hoosier A7s for Sale + Used Hoosier A6s for Sale + Goodyear Eagle RS race tires

Two New 335/30ZR18 Hoosier A7 tires for sale
 - $325 per tire plus shipping ($413 new on TireRack plus shipping)

Used Hoosier A6 Tires for Sale (UPDATE 1-4-2015: Prices Reduced)

Two 335/35ZR17 A6s - only used for 12 runs at 2014 Solo Nationals (flipped after 6 runs). Purchased in Aug. 2014 (2314 Date Code) (stored inside w/ AC)
     - $180 per tire plus shipping ($369 new on TireRack plus shipping)

Two 315/35ZR17 A6s - only used for 12 runs at 2014 Solo Nationals (flipped after 6 runs). Purchased in Aug. 2014 (1414 Date Code) (stored inside w/ AC)
     - $160 per tire plus shipping ($348 new on TireRack plus shipping)

Two 335/35ZR17 A6s - 20 runs at Pro Finale plus Nats TNT (Flipped after 12 runs). Contingency tires from April 2014 (4713 Date Code) (stored inside w/ AC)
     - $140 per tire plus shipping

Two 315/35ZR17 A6s - 20 runs at Pro Finale plus Nats TNT (Flipped after 12 runs). Purchased in Aug. 2014 (1314 Date Code) (stored inside w/ AC)
     - $120 per tire plus shipping

Two 335/35ZR17 A6s - 32 runs. Flipped around 16 runs. Purchased in March 2014 (4713 Date Code)  $80 per tire plus shipping
UPDATE 1-4-2015: SOLD

Two 315/35ZR17 A6s - 32 runs. Flipped around 16 runs. Purchased in March 2014 (2413 Date Code)  $80 per tire plus shipping
UPDATE 1-4-2015: SOLD

Two New 315/35ZR17 Goodyear Eagle RS (Autocross Compound) Tires for Sale
     - $100 per tire plus shipping OBO (Date Codes: one is 4811, the other is 4911)

I also have plenty of used 315/35ZR17 Goodyear Eagle RS tires. Price will  be cheap and flexible. Contact me if interested.

I run a split 335/315 setup on the Camaro so all of these were run as a set but I will sell in pairs. I am willing to ship tires and willing to deal if you want the whole lot.  Please email me at if interested and we can work out the details.

Hayabusa-Powered VW Rabbit Built for Hillclimbs...I dig it

Good noise, especially from the outside shots, followed by some not-so-great noises at the end....

Saturday, October 25, 2014

The ESP Camaro is for Sale!

I'm selling my 2001 Camaro Z28 E Street Prepared as a race ready package with extra wheels, tires, and spares. This is one of the best prepared and fastest ESP cars in the country - ask anyone who has driven it recently (Strano, Brian Burdette, Lane Borg). I am making plans for wheel-to-wheel racing so the Camaro will need to go. 

I have owned the car since Sept. 2011 when I bought it from Sam Strano. Sammy owned the car from new (Sept. 2000) and won numerous F-Stock and ESP ProSolo and Solo National Championships with it. I have finished 3rd, 4th, and 6th at the last 3 Solo Nationals. This year, my pace was hampered by too much inside wheel spin due the diff wearing out so the car is faster than the results show this year. I will purchase a new Auburn Gear Racer's Diff and include it with the car. Other than this, the car is in top shape and ready to race. I recently had it re-tuned by LG Motorsports on their dyno, changed all fluids and had the transmission fully rebuilt by Texas Drivetrain Performance (it had never been rebuilt and too many years of Sammy and I speed shifting had worn out 2nd gear....) so it shifts perfectly now. I can provide dyno sheets if interested. I have won several National Tour and ProSolo events in the car including setting Top Pax at the 2014 College Station Tour. I have setup sheets and notes for the testing I have done in the past three years. Sam has been a great resource in the development of this car too. 

The Camaro is white with a 6-speed transmission. It has 49,500 miles on the odometer. The roof was originally black but I had it vinyl wrapped in white and then applied the blue and orange vinyl stripes to the car in 2012. It is currently not registered or inspected. It is always kept inside my shop and has basically only been used for autocross since I've owned it. In the interest of full disclosure, this is not a show car. It's got some dings and dents, and it was in one accident in 2006 but Sam also won Nationals in it 8 weeks later by a big margin.

$14,250 takes the full package or make me an offer! Car is located in San Angelo, TX. Come buy a fast and fun racecar for one of the most popular autocross classes out small bonus - no index racing for ProSolo! Please email me if you are interested - DOgburn at gmail dot com. Thanks for the interest!

Here is the parts list (I'm sure I am forgetting something, but this is all of the big stuff):
On the car:
StainlessWorks long-tube headers w/cats
SLP exhaust (will meet sound reqs, sounds good but not overly loud)
Koni shocks, fronts shocks have coil-over sleeves installed
Fays2 Watts linkage
Auburn Racer's differential
Adjustable torque arm
Strano Performance Parts tubular 35mm and 22mm sway bar set
Custom-modified Global West front upper control arms (for increased camber)
1LE lower control arm bushings (front and rear)
Redline fluids in diff, tranny, and engine
Motul fluids in clutch and brake system
Aluminum flywheel and upgraded clutch
Stainless steel brake lines
Lightweight Braille battery to the right rear
12lb Kirkey aluminum seats for driver and passenger (I have the stock seat too) 
Grant F1 steering wheel (not the cheap ones, the nice Momo style 3 spoke type)
Upgraded front sway bar mounts
Complete set of factory service manuals
HAWK DTC-30 pads in front, Hawk HPS in rear
UMI 2-point sub-frame connectors
Upgraded engine mounts
800lb HyperCoil front springs, 400lb HyperCoil springs
TA Performance Diff Cover (more support for carrier bearings)

Spares/Extra Parts:
Stock front upper control arms with StranoParts offset bushings
Brand new Auburn Gear Racer's diff
600 & 700 lb front springs
Lots of rear springs (StranoParts, HyperCoil, Landrum) - basically everything from 150 to 450lbs. Most lightly use (just testing).
Stock parts for basically every aftermarket part that was installed including seats
Assorted used brake pads
Diff rebuild parts
Extra fluids/fuel
Stock rear ARB
22mm hollow Strano ARB (non-adjustable)
Koni Single Adjustable Rear Dampers (on-car adjustable)

Four 17x11 Forgeline RS-Competition race wheels
Four 17x9 Camaro SS wheels (used for rain tires)
Four 17x9 WS6 Stock wheels - I have an old set of rains on these for street/"roll around" tires

Three sets of used 315/35ZR17 Hoosier A6 tires (good enough for locals/practice). 
One set of 275/40R17 Hoosier Radial Wet H2O -  Rain tires purchased in March 2011 and only used once (I won with them at 2013 Spring Nats)
Also see here for more tires for sale (they can be worked into the deal if interested) -

More Photos Here:

ESP Camaro from 2014 Solo Nationals
ESP Camaro from 2014 Solo Nationals
ESP Camaro from 2014 Solo Nationals
ESP Camaro from 2014 Solo Nationals
17x11 Forgeline Wheels, Used Hoosier A6s
Bolt-on Camaro Hitch
Koni Single Adjustable Rear Dampers
Hoosier Rain Tires, 17x9 Wheels
Tuning Parts and Factory Service Manuals
Chrome 17x9 WS6 Wheels w/ old Hoosier Rain Tires

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Saturday, September 27, 2014

2014 SCCA ProSolo Finale and Solo Nationals

Well, this is the time of year I usually get pretty lackadaisical about writing blog posts. It's been a few weeks since I competed in my 5th Solo Nationals and my 2nd ProSolo Finale. As with most things in racing, there was good and not so good, but overall it was a fun week in Lincoln with my family.

Dad and I in grid for the Pro Finale
Making a spring adjustment during the Pro Finale
The Pro Finale turned out to be a 2-Heat event (rained on Sunday), but a 3rd day would not have affected the outcome. Greg McCance was unstoppable en route to his 2nd consecutive ProSolo Championship in ESP. I was the "best of the rest" and the fastest RWD car but at 1.5s back from the Subaru, I had no chance. I finished 2nd for the season ESP ProSolo points - on to next year!

At the starting line during the Pro
Pro Finale Results
With Monday as a test/rest day, we kicked things off in Heat 1 of the 2014 Solo Nationals. As I have done in three out of my five Solo Nats trips, my first run on Day 1 was my quickest, I hit a cone, and it would have put me in first or less than a tenth out of first. I got kick this habit next year! I finished the first day in 3rd place 0.4s back from Billy Brooks and Greg McCance in the Subaru. This issue was the diff was on its way out. It had started to act up during the ProSolo but I thought it would be OK for the rest of the event but I was starting to get more and more inside wheelspin. With 0.4s to make up on Day 2, the differential decided it didn't want to "differentiate" anymore. I nursed the car through three runs, but I anytime I looked at the throttle with lateral load in the car the inside rear tire spun up and I couldn't control the attitude of the car with the throttle at all. Frustrating end to the season, but it's just a hard lesson for future racing. When it's the biggest race of the year, make sure the car is in top order....on to next year!

West Course Map
East Course Map
Solo Nationals Final Results - Congrats Billy!

Here is some incar video:

A lot of A-Stock Jackets in this group
Getting ready for the Solo Nats rockin a new sleeve look
Good thing we bought her a dog bed..........

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

#IAMTHESPEEDHUNTER: A Camaro Built To Corner

I meant to share this earlier, but my buddy Jeff Stroh and his C Prepared Camaro were featured on one of my favorite websites - SpeedHunters. This is the video that got him on the site:

Here are links to the SpeedHunters article and Jeff's blog Oversteer Garage:

SpeedHunters Article

Jeff's Blog

See ya at Solo Nats Jeff!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

ESP is back on the ground!

Thanks to Josh and Joe for all the help getting the transmission in and back out of the Camaro. We got the car on the ground Monday night and it ran great. I can actually use 1st and 2nd whenever I want which is a nice change. The Camaro will be going to the dyno this weekend for prep for Nationals which is just right around the corner. 

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Trans is back from TX Drivetrain Performance

Up and back trip to Weatherford yesterday and I have the transmission back from being mended. 2nd gear and selector ring both head heavily worn engagement teeth which was the cause of the 2nd gear shifting issues. After a full rebuild it will hopefully feel better than new. Trans will be back in and the car will be driveable again by Wednesday.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Camaro transmission in for a rebuild

Thanks to Josh and Joe for helping me pull the trans. Hopefully picking it back up soon and will actually be able to shift it into 1st or 2nd!

Super long extension!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

GRM Ultimate Track Car Challenge!

Last Friday, I drove in the Grassroots Motorsports' Ultimate Track Car Challenge in my Dad's daily driver and autocrosser, the 2009 Mini Cooper JCW. We were seriously outgunned by some high-dollar racing cars but it was still fun track time. After some tire fitment issues in the morning sessions, I was able to get down to a 2:18.8 on the VIR Full Course in the 3rd and final timed session which put me in 38th place overall. This is the first time we have run race tires on the Mini and it was a learning experience. The balance was off (too tight) but it was decent enough out of the box to set a lap time. Definitely needs some tuning though. It's definitely the hardest I've worked to get beat by 30 seconds on a single lap! This event was less about competition and more about getting to race for a day as a family, which was great. Thanks to my Mom coming to the track to hang out, my Dad for lending the Mini, and Rich Schollmann and Sam Nixon for making the trek to VIR and helping sort the issues we had early!

In-car video here: LINK

Getting ready in pits
A little tire rub up front....
Coming through Turn 3
Nice panning shot

Photos Credit: David Ogburn

See more of my Dad's photos here: LINK

ProSolo Points Update

I'm guaranteed a tie for first with max points going into the ProSolo Finale after the win at Toledo and Dad is sitting in 6th with 24 points. The ESP Camaro is set for a battle in Lincoln.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Toledo ProSolo in the ESP GT500!

With a business trip putting me in Ohio in late June, I was able to run the Toledo ProSolo for the first time this year thanks to Jeff Cox and his high horsepower Mustang GT500. Thanks was fun man! We had 16 drivers in class sporting mainly V8 muscle car variants except for reigning ESP Champion Greg McCance and his Subaru WRX.

Photo Courtesy of Perry Bennett @

We lucked out with three dry heats despite being threatened by rain all weekend. I arrived at the track Friday night just in time to run practice starts in the new-to-me equipment which proved very helpful over the weekend as I was cutting 0.500 - 0.650 lights all weekend....better than I do in my freakin' Camaro! I finished P2 after the first heat about 1s behind McCance who clearly had the strongest pace all weekend. Car issues put Greg out of the 2nd heat but he was able to hang onto 1st place in class. I picked up pace in the GT500 but a few others improved even more dropping me back to 4th place.

Lined up for Sunday Morning
This setup a show down on Sunday morning as we had good conditions and a surface that normally picks up grip throughout a ProSolo weekend. Unfortunately, Greg had to drop out after his 2nd run with further drivetrain issues leaving the door wide-open for one of the Mustangs to take the top spot. With a half-second gain on my first left-side rum, I moved into 1st place and came away with a very surprising 0.111s victory Bitter sweet due to competitor car issues, but a win nonetheless meaning two Hoosiers for my man Jeff Cox and two ESP class wins heading into the ProSolo Finale!

Onto the Super Challenge where the field was incredibly tight - I think the qualifying delta was around 0.2s! I had my best Challenge to date marching to the Final Four as I got even more comfortable with the heavy, high horsepower muscle. I came up against Jason Frank in the Final Four round and scored a come-from-behind victory by 0.2s.....except for hitting the last cone on the course which bounced me out of the Finals! I tagged another cone in the 3rd-place round to put me in 4th overall.

In-Car video: LINK

Here is the writeup: LINK TO FULL ARTICLE

SoloMatters ESP recap:
Once again, Greg McCance drove his E-Street Prepared 2002 Subaru WRX over half way across the country to compete. He held the lead in ESP after Saturday morning over Dave Ogburn III, who was co-driving Jeff Cox’s 2010 Ford Mustang GT500 on Hoosier Tires. Greg suffered a broken hub during the Saturday afternoon session, but still managed to hold onto the lead as Dave continued to work on the handling of the Mustang. McCance was able to get the car ready for the Sunday session, but suffered a broken differential on his first run of the day. Dave Ogburn III dialed in the car and was able to laid down times to win ESP by 0.111 seconds, Dave Heinrich finished third only 0.031 behind McCance.

SoloMatters Super Challenge recap:
All of the close class battles meant a low margin to get into the Super Challenge; you needed to be within 0.263 seconds of the class winner to qualify. There were lots of very close battles and very few red lights throughout the challenge rounds. The final four drivers in the Super Challenge featured Dave Ogburn III from ESP versus Jason Frank from STS, and Chris Harvey from CS versus John Vitamvas from SPB. In the first matchup, Jason Frank held a lead after first runs, but Dave Ogburn III laid down a smoking fast run beat Frank back with enough time; however, a cone awarded the win to Frank. Chris Harvey was able to defeat John Vitamvas to move into the finals. The final round didn’t disappoint, Jason Frank held a 0.124 second lead after the first run, they switched sides and Chris Harvey was first back on the second run, but not enough to make up the margin; Jason Frank took the Super Challenge win by 0.055 seconds.