Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from the Yaw Moment Racing Team! I will be posting more soon with a look back on 2013 and updates on my 2014 plans. Tonight be sure to go out and laugh it up, party like you are still in college, stay safe, and most of all have some fun. See ya' in 2014!

A Little Upgrade for the Shop - Dannmar Brigadier 10ACX

The Camaro will get a little easier to work on soon with the addition of a 2-post lift to my race shop. I selected a Dannmar Brigadier 10ACX which is an asymmetric 10,000lb lift that is ALI/ETL Certified. Thanks to my co-workers for helping me getting it into the shop! My shop is already wired for the 220V power need for the lift and I will be setting it all up after the Holidays. I've been told they are pretty easy to install if you have some helping hands, but we shall see. More photos to come after it's installed. 

Now to figure out how to get lift from the trailer to the shop...
The lift is unpacked and waiting to be installed