Thursday, March 13, 2014

Vaughn Gittin Jr's Backyard

A backyard to aspire to. I still have plans for a backyard kart track, but I don't think it will ever compare to this (ie...I don't have a rock quarry on my yard)....enjoy.

Video Link


2-Post Lift Install

On the trailer
Unloaded in the shop
1st post up 
And there's the 2nd one
Top bar on - now to run hydraulics and the equalizer cables
Arms going on, now for the wiring
It works
A bit higher than my jack stands....

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Shakin' the Camaro Down with Equipe Rapide

Koni enjoyed her first autocross

I ran my first autocross of the season this past Sunday with Equipe Rapide at Lone Star Park in Dallas, TX. LSP's main lot is huge (length of Mineral wells, but about half the width) and the course took advantage of it. There was also some elevation change that played into the course which is a bit unique. As usual with Equipe Rapide, we got 8 runs split into 2 heats so I had ample runs to feel out the car, give Ali  a few rides, and make a setup change. Mainly this was a shakedown before the National SCCA Solo series starts up. I have not run the car since Solo Nationals last year so I was certainly relieved when the car ran well. I played with rear spring rate to check the direction I had gone last year which confirmed I liked the base setup I ran at Solo Nats.

Changing rear springs between heats

Ali with a big helmet
I ran in the indexed Expert class and was able to start off 2014 with a win. I also had the Top PAX time of the day with my 7th run at a 62.934s. Full results and in-car video of my 2nd quickest run (63.3, didn't get my fast run on video):


Full results here:

Class Results
PAX Top 20