Monday, May 27, 2013

First Tour Win in the ESP Camaro!

When I woke up this morning and it was raining, I was pretty pumped despite that driving with wet shoes sucks. I knew it would shake things up so we got to the track early and threw on our rain race tires and waited for the ESP action to start during Heat 1. I started the day 0.47s back from 1st. We only had one AWD boost buggy in the class so I was thinking maybe the RWD Muscle stood a chance. I started with a not so great DNF as I hydroplaned through the first slalom of the course. I dropped in a 59.384s 2nd lap which put me in 1st place and was good enough for the win. For the first time, I had a victory lap for my 3rd and final run, got a little drifty, and picked up about 8 tenths for a 1.9s win in ESP.

It was a great weekend. We did a lot of testing and learned a ton about the ESP Camaro and the Lincoln surface. My Dad drove great today and had the 7th quickest run out of 14 drivers and moved up several spots to 7th overall.

Here is the onboard video:

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Prepping for the 2013 SCCA Spring Nationals this Weekend

Ali and I met my parents in Lincoln, Nebraska today for the 2013 SCCA Spring Nationals. This is a full four days of racing with the ProSolo Friday and Saturday and a Championship Tour Sunday and Monday. We have a solid field in ESP with 10 drivers for the ProSolo and 16 for the Tour. Rain is in the forecast, but I'm hoping for a few dry sessions so I can evaluate the suspension changes I have made to the car.

Which to choose.....................
Over the break, I went up in overall spring rate, had the dampers dynoed and did some maintenance on the front suspension. Luckily, we arrived today in time to take a few practice starts and get some time on the Evo School test n' tune course. The balance felt good with the new spring setup and the car had quicker/more linear turn-in.
Cleaned up and dynoed damper and new RF spring ready to go back on the car 
 After the dampers and new springs were in, I installed a Scroth Rallye Cross harness for the driver seat. It is a DOT 4-pt. harness that bolts into the factory seat belt mounts.

New Scroth Rallye Cross Harness
Even the toolbox got a makeover - I finally know where tools are
The racing starts tomorrow at 9AM. ESP is running in the 3rd group for the ProSolo and in Heat 4 for the Championship Tour later this weekend. I've put links to the Live Timing and Video below and a picture of big spiders in my shop. Enjoy.

Live Timing:
Live Video:

Big Wolf Spider in the shop

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Mineral Wells ProSolo Compilation Video

Here is a cool compilation video put together by Ben Freedman about the 2013 Mineral Wells ProSolo. The ESP Camaro with my Dad driving makes an appearance around the 2m50s mark.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Camaro Damper's Going in for a Check Up

The ESP Camaro is currently damperless. All 4 Koni's plus a set of rear twin tube Koni's are on their way to Performance SpeedTech  in Cresson, TX for some work on their shock dyno. I should have them back next week with plenty of time to get things buttoned up before the Spring Nationals over Memorial Day in Lincoln, NE.