Thursday, October 29, 2009

VIR 13-Hour This Weekend

The 2009 "Charge of the Headlight Brigade" SCCA VIR 13-Hour enduro is this Halloween weekend. I am crew chief for the #35 Team Honda Research Acura TL-R that is competing in ITE class. Last year,we were on pole and finished 2nd overall to the Bimmerworld crew. We were on the lead lap and only lost by 30 seconds. With fewer errors, we could have won the race by a few laps.

We learned a lot from last year and are ready to take the overall win. It should be an exciting race this year with a strong class of ITE racers, two Honda of America Racing Team (HART) cars and Bimmerworld. I am making the 8-hour trek to VIR after work tomorrow so wish us luck!

Photos from last year's race:

MSOKC Points Race #12 In-Kart Video

The MSOKC ran the last points race of the season on October 4th at Circleville Raceway. I qualified 2nd for the feature out of 11 karts but was knocked out on the 1st lap by the P3 kart diving under me in Turn 4. He got under me and I went off in the grass on two wheels. It was disappointing end to my 1st full season of karting, but the 3 races that day were the most fun of the season. Lots of dicing and probably a little too much contact as you will see in the Heat 1.

One of the other TAG karters had in-kart video from the races so I posted his as well. This was my first chance to see one of my races from another kart's perspective. He has the wide-angle GoPro camera.

My In-Kart Video

Chris' Heat 2 Video

Chris' Feature Race Video

Monday, October 26, 2009

Team Rusty Hood Racing: LeMons South Fall

Team Rusty Hood Racing competed in the 24 Hours of LeMons South Fall event on September 13-14th, 2009. I should have gotten info and pictures on our crazy race posted sooner, but better late than never!

We finished 88th out of 112 starters. Our fearless truck ran great for the 1st 8 hours of the 14 hours race until a large oil leak developed. We pulled an all-nighter tearing the motor down to the block in search of the elusive leak. Magically, the motor started after putting it back together as the sun rose on Sunday morning. However, we had fatally damaged the clutch after it had been soaked with leaking engine oil. The clutch completely gave out after two laps on Sunday. Lots of work for two more laps, but it was rewarding just seeing the car back out on track after seeings it's pistons overnight.

We decided that we were never going to run LeMons again with a 1985 Ford Ranger so off to the crusher the car went! I posted event results, tons of photos, and videos from the Ranger crushing below. Enjoy.

Event Results

My Dad posted over 600 photos from the race. Here is set 1:

Here is set 2:

Video of Rusty Hood Racing Ford Ranger getting destroyed in the People's Curse:

Full People's Curse Video:

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Track Record Pace in SSB Civic at Mid-Ohio

I ran a two-day track day with PCA this weekend in the #07 Team Honda Research SSB Honda Civic Si. It was a great experience for me as it was my first time at the track with a nationally competitive car and new tires. This car finished 4th at the runoffs this year and 2nd last year, so I'd say "nationally comptitive" is an understatement. It was also my first event in an SSB car and only my second time at Mid-Ohio.

It was cold all weekend and wet for most of the day on Saturday. However, it was never wet enough for rain tires, so I got a lot of experience driving with slicks on a wet track. I had a few close-calls, but brought the car home intact on Sautrday with a fast lap of 1:56.8 on the wet, but drying track.

Sunday was a perfect day. With a high of about 50 and no clouds in the sky, the engine was making tons of power and we were able to get the tires up to temperature without too much troubl. I gained time with each session, but struggled to get clean laps due to traffic. Over the whole weekend, I only got 6 clean laps around Mid-Ohio. I made my last one count though and put together everything I had learned throughout the weekend. I clicked of a lap of 1:46.176 which is 0.025 seconds off of the SSB track record set by Chase Lin in 2007. With my TraqMate display showing me my laps times, I knew I had a flyer going and was pushing realy hard for the track record. I came up just short, but was very pleased with my lap time considering this was my first event in the car.

List of SCCA Mid-Ohio track records (See Chase Lin in SSB):

Traqmate Screenshot

Disappointingly, I don't have any video from the weekend so data will have to suffice.