Thursday, October 29, 2009

MSOKC Points Race #12 In-Kart Video

The MSOKC ran the last points race of the season on October 4th at Circleville Raceway. I qualified 2nd for the feature out of 11 karts but was knocked out on the 1st lap by the P3 kart diving under me in Turn 4. He got under me and I went off in the grass on two wheels. It was disappointing end to my 1st full season of karting, but the 3 races that day were the most fun of the season. Lots of dicing and probably a little too much contact as you will see in the Heat 1.

One of the other TAG karters had in-kart video from the races so I posted his as well. This was my first chance to see one of my races from another kart's perspective. He has the wide-angle GoPro camera.

My In-Kart Video

Chris' Heat 2 Video

Chris' Feature Race Video

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