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EMAIL yawmomentracing@gmail.com if you are interested in anything I have for sale

FS: 2005 Corolla XRS OEM Strut Bar

I am selling the OEM strut bar from a 2005 Toyota Corolla XRS. It has 40K street miles and limited racing use. This should fit any 9th Gen Corolla. A new replacement part costs over $600. I am asking $150 shipped OBO.

FS: Misc. Shifter Kart Parts (Carb, Pipe, Silencer, Axles, Sprockets, Hubs)

Keihin PWK 38mm pump-around carb (no main jet) - $90 shipped

M4 Silencer - $95 shipped

Freeline Axle 50x2x1020-P - $110 shipped

Freeline Axle 50x2x1040-F - $110 shipped

Freeline Axle 50x2x1040-B - $110 shipped

Freeline Axle 50x2x1040-D - $110 shipped

*Or all four axles for $475 shipped

50mm 22t 428 aluminum Sprocket - $25 shipped

50mm 22t 428 aluminum Sprocket - $25 shipped

50mm 25t 428 aluminum Sprocket - SOLD

50mm 26t 428 aluminum Sprocket - $25 shipped

Honda CR125 Sprocket 14T (lightweight) - SOLD

Honda CR125 Sprocket 15T - SOLD

Honda CR125 Sprocket 16T – SOLD

Honda CR125 Sprocket 17T - $12 shipped

*Or all sprockets for $110 shipped

WildKart front hubs – $60 shipped

Static Wheel Balancer - sold

I am located in San Angelo, TX. Feel free to make me an offer on anything or a group of parts. Email me at yawmomentracing@gmail.com with any questions. Thanks!

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