Wednesday, December 30, 2015

2015: Yaw Moment Racing Year in Review

February 2015: First visit to JerryWorld, first Supercross race

February 2015: Kicked off the season with teaching an EVO School in Tucson and driving this SM beast at a local autocross the next day 

March 2015: Visited Hendrick's NASCAR Shop and Museum

March 2015: Finished basic prep on the FR-S for C-Street

March 2015: Was about to leave for Arkansas for the Blytheville when snowstorm THOR forced it's postponement

April 2015: Won our first event in the FR-S at the College Station Championship Tour

May 2015: Won C-Street at the Blytheville ProSolo 

May 2015: Finished 3rd at the Spring Nats ProSolo and 2nd at the Spring Nats Champ Tour

June 2015: Won C-Street at the Mineral Wells ProSolo

June 2015: We parted ways with the ESP Camaro

June 2015: Won C-Street at the Colorado Championship Tour and drove up Pikes Peak in the F150

August 2015: Did some engineering...

August 2015: Made a burner trip to Phoenix over one weekend to buy the T4 RX-8

September 2015: Finished 2nd at the ProSolo Finale and 2nd in C-Street class point for the year

September 2015: Won the C-Street National Championship

September 2015: Won the Solo Triad for wins in C-Street through the 2015 Season

September 2015: Another Trip to the Nürburgring and Mireval, France. I got to spectate at some cool racing on the Nordschleife and the GP-Strecke when not working in Germany.

October 2015: Got to visit the Stewart-HAAS Racing shop

Nov 2015: Started pit bike racing in the backyard

Dec 2015: Something special shows up in the mail....

Dec 2015: Received my Full SCCA Competition License

Dec 2015: Got the T4 RX-8 on track for the first time in preparation for my Runoffs campaign in 2016

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Entered the 2016 Search for a Champion Contest!

My video and Search for a Champion profile are live on Champion's website. The public voting starts on January 5th to decide the 15 finalists for the "Advanced" category. I made the video in October at Mineral Wells on a practice day and have been working on this for the past few months. I'm excited to see it live and look forward to the selection process. Wish me luck!

My Profile on Champion's website

FAQs on voting and the finalist selection process:

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Take a girl to the track with a camera and her dog....

and you get mostly dog photos.....

and many many more!