Wednesday, December 30, 2015

2015: Yaw Moment Racing Year in Review

February 2015: First visit to JerryWorld, first Supercross race

February 2015: Kicked off the season with teaching an EVO School in Tucson and driving this SM beast at a local autocross the next day 

March 2015: Visited Hendrick's NASCAR Shop and Museum

March 2015: Finished basic prep on the FR-S for C-Street

March 2015: Was about to leave for Arkansas for the Blytheville when snowstorm THOR forced it's postponement

April 2015: Won our first event in the FR-S at the College Station Championship Tour

May 2015: Won C-Street at the Blytheville ProSolo 

May 2015: Finished 3rd at the Spring Nats ProSolo and 2nd at the Spring Nats Champ Tour

June 2015: Won C-Street at the Mineral Wells ProSolo

June 2015: We parted ways with the ESP Camaro

June 2015: Won C-Street at the Colorado Championship Tour and drove up Pikes Peak in the F150

August 2015: Did some engineering...

August 2015: Made a burner trip to Phoenix over one weekend to buy the T4 RX-8

September 2015: Finished 2nd at the ProSolo Finale and 2nd in C-Street class point for the year

September 2015: Won the C-Street National Championship

September 2015: Won the Solo Triad for wins in C-Street through the 2015 Season

September 2015: Another Trip to the Nürburgring and Mireval, France. I got to spectate at some cool racing on the Nordschleife and the GP-Strecke when not working in Germany.

October 2015: Got to visit the Stewart-HAAS Racing shop

Nov 2015: Started pit bike racing in the backyard

Dec 2015: Something special shows up in the mail....

Dec 2015: Received my Full SCCA Competition License

Dec 2015: Got the T4 RX-8 on track for the first time in preparation for my Runoffs campaign in 2016

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