Monday, May 27, 2013

First Tour Win in the ESP Camaro!

When I woke up this morning and it was raining, I was pretty pumped despite that driving with wet shoes sucks. I knew it would shake things up so we got to the track early and threw on our rain race tires and waited for the ESP action to start during Heat 1. I started the day 0.47s back from 1st. We only had one AWD boost buggy in the class so I was thinking maybe the RWD Muscle stood a chance. I started with a not so great DNF as I hydroplaned through the first slalom of the course. I dropped in a 59.384s 2nd lap which put me in 1st place and was good enough for the win. For the first time, I had a victory lap for my 3rd and final run, got a little drifty, and picked up about 8 tenths for a 1.9s win in ESP.

It was a great weekend. We did a lot of testing and learned a ton about the ESP Camaro and the Lincoln surface. My Dad drove great today and had the 7th quickest run out of 14 drivers and moved up several spots to 7th overall.

Here is the onboard video:

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  1. You even beat the boost buggy in the wet (barely)! Good job.