Saturday, September 27, 2014

2014 SCCA ProSolo Finale and Solo Nationals

Well, this is the time of year I usually get pretty lackadaisical about writing blog posts. It's been a few weeks since I competed in my 5th Solo Nationals and my 2nd ProSolo Finale. As with most things in racing, there was good and not so good, but overall it was a fun week in Lincoln with my family.

Dad and I in grid for the Pro Finale
Making a spring adjustment during the Pro Finale
The Pro Finale turned out to be a 2-Heat event (rained on Sunday), but a 3rd day would not have affected the outcome. Greg McCance was unstoppable en route to his 2nd consecutive ProSolo Championship in ESP. I was the "best of the rest" and the fastest RWD car but at 1.5s back from the Subaru, I had no chance. I finished 2nd for the season ESP ProSolo points - on to next year!

At the starting line during the Pro
Pro Finale Results
With Monday as a test/rest day, we kicked things off in Heat 1 of the 2014 Solo Nationals. As I have done in three out of my five Solo Nats trips, my first run on Day 1 was my quickest, I hit a cone, and it would have put me in first or less than a tenth out of first. I got kick this habit next year! I finished the first day in 3rd place 0.4s back from Billy Brooks and Greg McCance in the Subaru. This issue was the diff was on its way out. It had started to act up during the ProSolo but I thought it would be OK for the rest of the event but I was starting to get more and more inside wheelspin. With 0.4s to make up on Day 2, the differential decided it didn't want to "differentiate" anymore. I nursed the car through three runs, but I anytime I looked at the throttle with lateral load in the car the inside rear tire spun up and I couldn't control the attitude of the car with the throttle at all. Frustrating end to the season, but it's just a hard lesson for future racing. When it's the biggest race of the year, make sure the car is in top order....on to next year!

West Course Map
East Course Map
Solo Nationals Final Results - Congrats Billy!

Here is some incar video:

A lot of A-Stock Jackets in this group
Getting ready for the Solo Nats rockin a new sleeve look
Good thing we bought her a dog bed..........

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