Tuesday, November 12, 2013

For Sale: 2010 Spirit (Birel) SP32 Stock Moto Package w/ spares and trailer

I am selling my stock moto shifter kart package. This is is a ready to race complete package. The chassis is a 2010 Spirit SP32 32mm shifter chassis. The chassis was designed by multi-time karting World Champion Gianluca Beggio and made by Birel. It is very similar in construction to the Birel 32mm chassis, likes to be tuned the same way, and uses the same Freeline components (therefore all parts can be purchased from a Birel dealer). I purchased the kart from 3G Kart Racing in Katy, TX (a Birel dealer and race team) after it was raced only once in the WSK series. I raced it for one full regional season in 2011 and a few local races in 2012. It was has never been crashed. The kart is currently fitted with a Birel pedal extender for taller drivers. It has a plastic full length rear bumper. 

The engine is a Honda CR125 built to SKUSA legal stock moto specs by SRS Engines. It uses SRS' Hybrid Float twin pump fuel system with a PMW carb so it is a potent package. For exhaust, the kart has a RLV R4 pipe with a adjustable M4 Silencer. It is cooled by a large radiator that was custom sourced by 3G Kart Racing (cost ~425 new). I used honeycomb to cover it so it is in good condition.

The kart comes with a Mychron 4 w/ GPS and data key. The kart is wired to log EGT, RPM, and water temp. 

Kart stand included with kart. 

My trailer is a 2008 Haulmark 6x12 Box trailer. The tires have low mileage and it has bolted in mounting points to tie down my kart on it's kart stand. 

Spares & Tools

Chassis: Extra set of Douglas Mag wheels, 5 total axles (Freeline B, D2.0, D2.5 (on kart), F, and P), Z-Racing kart cover, 4 spare tierods (from other chassis, used for hardware spares), spare shifter linkage, two spare throttle cables, 2 spare clutch cables, extra radiator mounts, box of assorted seat struts and chassis brackets, 1998-1999 Honda CR125R Service Manual, 1992-1997 Honda CR125R Service Manual, 2 spare pedals (from a different chassis), many extra front and rear brake pad shims, many new and used brake rebuilt kit parts (caliper and MC), different length brake rod, extra fuel cap, extra hardware for wheel bead stops, two 5lb lead weights

Engine: PWK carb, Jet set for PWM or PWK carb (lots of different jets, ask for details), adjustable shims for M4 silencer, two bottles of Motul 2T pre-mix, Bottle of 10W30 Motul gearbox fluid, new CR125 piston ring, used CR125 piston w/ ring (good condition), spare RLV R4 pipe, spare M4 Silencer, Spare AMC Aluminum engine mount, many feet of extra fuel hose of various colors, many extra radiator hose and reduction fittings, spare fuel filter, New SRS reeds, new water pump gasket, new Honda ECU cover, New NGK spark plug wire, four new NGK BR9EG spark plugs, Six used NGK iridium BPR9EIX spark plugs, many new and used fuel pump rebuilt parts, spare exhaust gasket and seals, four used CZ/DID chains, spare engine sprockets (14T new, 15T new, 15T used, 16T used, 17T used), spare aluminum axle sprockets (22T, 24T, 25T, 26T, 27T)

Mychron Parts: Two AIM beacon pickups (kart side), 3 total transponder mounts (1 on kart), extra EGT lead, wheel speed sensor w/ extra axle pickups

Tools: Birel front spindle wrench, tire bead breaker, chain breaker, piston stop, fuel jug

Spares & Tools Package

I am asking $7,500 for the full package. I would prefer to sell it as a full package with the trailer. I will consider selling the kart and/or trailer separately. I will not sell individual parts until the kart is sold. Please email at < dogburn at gmail dot com> with questions. Thanks for the interest. 

I have several extra items that can be added to the package if you want:
- 38gal of VP MS89L race fuel (34gal in a 54gal drum, 4gal in a 5gal can)
- 360 Device Neck Brace
- Alpinestars Tech 1-KR Karting Gloves (Size L)


Here are some more current detail shots of the kart:

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