Thursday, November 21, 2013

Formula 1 at COTA - View from Turn 7

View from Turn 7 General Admission Seating

I decided to try and do F1 on the cheap this year - not easy given how expensive EVERYTHING related to F1 is. My buddy Josh and I bought race day only tickets for General Admission and stayed with friends the night before to help the cash outflow (Thanks Sarah and Andrew!). COTA has made some big improvements in the food vending department as well as improvements to the "hang out" areas for between sessions. Only drawback this year was they added some new VIP Suites in several areas around the track (mainly Turn 2) that limit the view from several general admission areas. Overall, despite the fairly processional race with a predictable outcome, it was a fun Sunday at the track and maybe even more fun Saturday night in Austin....

Here is a quick clip from out seats. F1 cars are running about 120mph mid-corner at Turn 7 which is mind-bendingly quick....

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