Monday, January 23, 2012

Porsches and Rental Karts in San Antonio

This past Saturday, Yama and I made a quick day trip to San Antonio to pick his car up from Porsche of San Antonio. They have a fantastic new facility off of 1-10 and had a quite a collection of fine Porsches including a GT2 RS, GT3 RS, several GT3s, several hardtop and droptop 911 Turbos, and also had some new 991 911s.

Here are some photos of the GTRS:

After grabbing some Japanese food for lunch, Yama and I hit up Alamo Karts on our way back to San Angelo which is an outdoor rental karting facility that uses unique propane powered karts. This also the home of Alamo Powersports and Alamo Sportscars . Clearly, the owners of this business are my kind of people - they were motorcycles, racecars, street kit cars, shifter karts, and their own go-kart track. Here are some pictures of their facility:

 Here is some onboard video from Alamo Karts:

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