Saturday, January 21, 2012

5 Cars I Love

Road and Track had a cool article this past episode where each editor listed 5 cars they is my list.

Here are 5 cars I love in no particular order:

1. Ferrari F40

2. Acura NSX

3. Crossle 50F Formula Ford

4. 2004 Yellow C5 Chevy Corvette

5. Chaparral 2J

The Ferrari F40 is my favorite Ferrari of all time and will be the first thing I buy if I hit the lotto. The F40 is a no-compromise supercar and I you can't beat 3.0L of mid-engine twin-turbo V8. The Acura NSX is my Dad's current toy and an absolute blast to drive. It also has the greatest gearbox ever installed in a production car. The Crossle 50F was a great learning tool and I have special memories racing this car with my Dad. The '04 Corvette has to make the list because it (along with Lane's tuning, thanks buddy) helped me win my first SCCA National Championship. The Chaparral 2J is a truly innovative racecar made right up the road from where I live in Midland, TX. Also, it is one of my favorite cars to drive in Gran Turismo.

I posted the link to my Twitter account and got a nice shoutout from R&T:

Link to the Road & Track Article:

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  1. Great list. Mine starts the same, the ends a little differently. It is probably a generational thing.

    F40, which is actually a 2.9L twin turbo.
    NSX-R. Same idea, just the final version which was Japan only.
    '67 Corvette Stingray 427/435. Insane power and one of the most beautiful sounds you will ever high outside of Maranello.
    '70 Boss 302 Mustang
    Lamborghini Aventador. Looks like a civilian batmobile. Amazing.