Thursday, January 19, 2012

Mr. Yama's Cayman R

My buddy Yama recently purchased a new automobile....

It is a 2012 Porsche Cayman R with 6-speed MT, Sports Chrono package, Carbon fiber sport bucket seat, and a really nice Alcantara steering wheel. It puts out 330 HP at 7,400 while making it's trademark Porsche flat-six engine note. I was lucky enough to get to drive into work a few days ago....and I truly understand why there are so many Porsche fanatics out there. It is his dream car and all of our friends are happy to bum rides in his fancy Yellow Taxi anyday!

Here is an interior shot:

New owner with Cayman R:

Yama and I will be installing a hitch on his Cayman R soon so he can bring some Goodyear R-Compound tires with him on his track day adventures at Harris Hill Road in San Marcos, TX. Yama's current personal best of around a 1:29s lap will be in danger when he brings the new whip to HHR next month!


  1. Thanks for making an article for my Cayman R Dave!! My best lap there was 1:29.0 in my Old 2006 Cayman S but the engine blew right after that so maybe the engine wasn't right. Guessing from other lap times with lower grip tires, I expect I was able to run high 27 or low 28. Anyway, I can't wait to bring the R to H2R. Here is my YouTube video of the best lap so far.