Monday, August 1, 2011

New Go-Fast-Parts Arrived in the Mail

I ordered new fuel system parts for my Stock Moto Shifter kart. I've been wanting to upgrade from the Keihn PWK carburetor that I am running now to the PWM for a while now. They are both 38mm carbs, but engine builders and top drivers claim the PWM provides better throttle response on corner exit. While I was ordering the new carb, I decided to go ahead and try the SRS Engines new Hybrid-Float carb system. This new fuel method from SRS uses an extra float in addition to twin fuel pumps to keep the fuel level constant under high G loading that you see in shifter karts. Supposed to be good for 0.3s on the bigger tracks and it makes more power on the dyno...we shall see. I'll never turn down more power especially for a reasonable price!

Here is the technical release from SRS

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