Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Post-Testing Update from the Solo Nationals

Well, Lane and I finally made it to Lincoln after two months of prepping his car and some serious bench racing. On Monday night, we decided to drive all the way to Lincoln so here has been our schedule:

1. Leave Monday at 4:30 PM from San Angelo and drive to Lincoln
2. Arrive at 6:15 AM at our hotel in Lincoln
3. Sleep 6 hours and get to track by 12:30 pm
4. Set up pit and run two test and tune sessions. Modify tire pressures trying to work on balance and get used to the car.
5. Install harness bar and 6-pt. harness after the test and tune sessions
6. Arrive at track early today for two one-hour test and tune sessions before lunch.
7. Evolution school test and tune from 12-2PM.
8. Two more test and tune sessions in the afternoon.
9. After the test and tunes, we walked the East Course twice and the West Course four times (we run here tomorrow)
10. Steak and beer....then some sleep soon

Needless to say, we are tired, but very pleased with our progress over the past two days. We went from never having driven the car to setting very competitive (and possibly the fastest ) A-stock times around the Solo Nationals test and tune course. I dropped in a 29.4s time this morning and we heard that the odds-on favorite in A-Stock ran a 29.5 around the test and tune track. We started out with low 30s times but picked up pace after front ARB, damping, and tire pressure changes. Now this may just be bench racing fuel, but it means we are in the ball park. Tomorrow we run on our first competition runs on the West Course and will finally see how all of our bench racing pans out....

Here are a few photos from the test and tunes:

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