Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Kart Prep for SWRC Race in Katy, TX this Weekend

The 7th and 8th rounds of the Southwest Regional Cup are this weekend in Katy, TX. Weather.com is saying around 100 degrees and Sunny for each day. Ali and I drive to Katy tomorrow night and I'll hit the track first thing Friday morning for practice. I'm going to try and get most of my runs in on Friday morning before it gets too hot....I need to save something for Sunday afternoon.

For this race, I made a couple changes to the kart: 1. Top end rebuild 2. New carb and fuel system from SRS Engines 3. Lightened bodywork mounts (steel -> aluminum). Hopefully, these changes plus some experience at the Katy track will help me pick up some time around the 0.7mi course.

Old Piston with the cylinder off

Shiny New Piston with the Cylinder Back On

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