Friday, March 26, 2010

Speed Secrets by Ross Bentley Review

I just finished Ross Bentley's Speed Secrets: Professional Driving Techniques. I really enjoyed the book and it has helped me to think critically about my driving at work and on the racetrack. I find it very helpful to hear seasoned pros like Ross Bentley and James Weaver give insight into what allowed them to achieve what they have in racing. They fine detail at which Ross approaches driving is amazing and has inspired me to try and raise my game.

As an engineer and driver, I appreciate and understand the science behind driving at the limit, but I enjoyed this book for the simple, easy way that Ross describes top-notch driving technique and theory. At about 150 pages, it was a pretty quick read compared to most "textbook-style teaching books" which makes it effective in my opinion. I believe it is a book that anybody who aspires to driver better can pick up, read, understand, and apply to whatever driving they are doing.

Speed Secrets will be a reference to me throughout my racing and driving career. I have already re-read parts of it to make sure it was fresh in my mind. Most of the "Speed Secrets" documented throughout the book are relatively basic, but you can't apply the harder techniques without mastering the basics. At times the book is repetitive, but I think it helps to have some of the lessons re-iterated throughout the book.

Overall, I recommend this book to anybody who wants to get faster in a racecar.

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