Friday, April 2, 2010

Karting and Chaparral Cars on Saturday

My parents flew in today from Virginia to visit for the week. My Dad has always wanted to drive a shifter kart, so we are heading to Rimrock Raceway in Midland, TX on Saturday. Should be fun and a good time to set some baseline testing times before the season ramps up. This will be my first time at the track. It is fast 0.5 sprint track with a track record of something in the 33 second range set by an 80cc shifter. I'll be shooting for a 32 of course. We shall see.

Aerial Pictures of Rimrock

My Dad and I are also going to visit the Permian Basin Petroleum Museum. I am usually not a big fan of museums, but this museums houses a permanent display of 5+ Chaparral racecars designed and tested by Jim Hall's team back in the day. We may also try to the abandoned Chaparral test track, Rattlesnake Raceway....

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