Tuesday, April 27, 2010

HOW TO GO FASTER: The Party Switch.......

I will have to give the credit for this to my good friend Mike Bobbitt who is a highly-talented NASCAR Aero engineer and a member of the Team Rusty Hood Racing LeMons team from last Fall. It was his idea to add a "Party Switch" to our LeMons racetruck and it could not have worked better. Since I like to go fast, I decided to add a party switch to my new shifter kart. The party switch has two basic modes (as you can see below): "PARTY OFF" and "PARTY ON!".



The party switch should not be overused and should be treated not like a push-to-pass button, but more like a constant of nitrous to help you beat everybody else you are racing against when needed. Here are some appropriate scenarios:

1) Flip it on the last lap of a race and you need to make a pass for the win
2) Flip it as the sun rises on the 2nd day of a 24+ hour endurance race
3) Flip it right after somebody hits you on track and you need a revenge pass - time to party, not get mad
4) Flip it when you are racing a car with more power than you have talent - time to party, not crash
5) Flip it the 1st time you drive a car at the Nürburgring - hopefully the car has a party switch!
6) Flip it when you overcook it into a corner and run out of talent. You will be sure to save it with the part switch in the "ON!" position.
7) Flip it on the victory lap after a race win, etc.

To install a party switch on your racecar, take the following steps: 1) Buy a SPST toggle switch (like the ones here: http://www.kpsec.freeuk.com/components/switch.htm) 2) Cut a hole in your dash or some similar mounting area 3) Tighten the toggle switch in the hole you made 4) Make and attached a "Party" label 5) Win races. If someone decides to install a party switch on their car, please let me know and post a picture. I'd love to see it.


  1. Hi, I'm interested in a party toggle but I also want it to serve as an ABS disable for autocross. Can I flip it while lifting rear tires under trail braking? Let me know whether the party switch has this expansion capability or is most effective as a standalone mod. Thanks!

  2. While partying and ABS disabling do have a lot in common, I feel the party switch is best used as a stand-alone modification. However, you can definitely flip it while lifting the inside rear tire at an AutoX. That is a feeling I am very familiar with from the SE-R days. I would have been faster then with a party switch properly installed.