Tuesday, May 4, 2010

2010 SCCA Solo Nationals

Exciting news for Yaw Moment Racing - I will be running in STX class at the 2010 SCCA Solo Nationals with my Dad in a 2009 Mini Cooper John Cooper Works hardtop. For those of you not familiar with the SCCA Solo Nationals in Lincoln, Nebraska, this event is the National Championship for SCCA autocross and is generally considered the largest motorsports event in the world with between 1,200 and 1,300 entrants expected. STX class is part of the "Street Tuner" classes designed to fit the import tuner car market and is mainly comprised of 4-cylinder N/A and turbo cars with basic bolt-on mods and street tires.

SCCA Solo Nationals Official Website

Solo Nationals Site in Lincoln, Nebraska

We are currently researching and purchasing parts for the build which will begin in the next two weeks. We are primarly sourcing parts from AutoXCooper who is a leading source aftermarket parts for the full range of Mini products. They have been extremely helpful and we are pleased to be working with AXC. Since I am in Texas and the car is in VA, Courtney Cormier of Richmond, who is a national-level autocrosser, full-time Mini mechanic, and former national-level STX Mini Cooper S racer will be setting up the car and helping to install aftermarket parts. He has also been instrumental in helping us put this plan together so big thanks to Courtney. My Dad and I will be running a few events and test and tunes together before the Solo Nationals, so I will be tuning the Mini at these events. We will have limited testing time, but it will be crucial for our competitiveness at Solo Nats. Here is what our schedule looks like now:

-May 28-30: Friday Test and Tune and 2-Day SCCA NeDiv Solo Championship
- July: 2-Day Virginia Commonwealth Games Autocross and/or the Virginia Autocross Championship
- September 8-10: National Test and Tune and 2-Day SCCA Solo Nationals Autocross

In addition to our plans together, my Dad is running a full season with the Virginia Motor Sport Club based in Central, VA. This will give him plenty of seat-time in the new car before we head to Lincoln for the big race.

Here are some pictures of the Mini before the STX build:

I will post updates and pictures of the build over the next couple of months. Our 1st event is less than a month away and we have lots of work left to do. This will be very important in the development of this car, so we will be ready.


  1. Your new car Mr. Ogburn? No NSX? Good luck to both of you, STX is a fun class. I got a kick out of the "4cyl import tuner" comment. I won (1st of 15 STX) the first OVR event this year with my SVT Contour, although I have no delusions of national competitiveness. I hope that one wasn't a fluke...I'll find out next weekend! We should race'em when yours is done! ;)

  2. He still has the NSX. Since he got the NSX, his daily driver has been a Mini, but he just got this new one. In my defense, most of the ST class competitors are 4-banger imports, but congrats on the class win. That's awesome that you had 15 guys to compete with. That's a really healthy class. I'll let you know when it is done and maybe we can meet up for an event. That would be cool. We'll be at FedEx Field in DC over Memorial Day weekend if you want to join.

  3. Congrats, Ben. I have always liked the SVT Contour. Like Dave said, I am still enjoying the NSX. I have a track day at VIR in the MINI on Monday and a rally in the NSX in 2 weeks. The new MINI is fun with a lot more power than the Cooper S I had.