Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Finally have a garage I can work in.....+ karting update

My Garage

Since moving into my new townhouse in San Angelo, Texas last month, my girlfriend and I have worked hard on getting the house in order so we can get back to normal, everday life. Well last night, I finally got the garage "in-order enough" to work on the kart and start race season. My townhouse has a single-car attached garage and space in front of the garage for me to park my trailer. This means both my Miata and our truck are on the street, but it's worth it to have room for the racing gear.

My overall plan for the garage is to have one side set up as a "race shop" with a work table and toolboxes dedicated to working on the kart and the other side will be my "fab shop" where I will have my welder, welding table, etc. Here is my list to accomplish this list:

1) Organize and put-away mess from moving - Done
2) Buy 2 sets of large shelves for kart parts, dirt bike equip. etc. and assemble - done
3) Buy/build small shed for dirt bikes to get them out of the garage - Work in progress
4) Setup kart work table and toolboxes - Done except for organizing tools
5) Build welding table - Need to do
6) Setup welder - Need to do
7) Put posters on the wall so it feels like a race shop - Work in progress

Race Shop side of the garage

Other side needs some work and the bikes to be gone

As you can see, I have some work to do still in the garage, but my "race shop" part of the garage is complete (minus tidying up) and therefore I can do anything I need to with the kart. The "fab shop" area is not critical to have for race season, but I'll try to get it done as quick as possible. It will be for small projects, brackets for the kart, possible future racecar projects, and my girlfriends metal art projects.

New Kart Pics
After my engine flooding issues at the track two weeks ago, I was able to get the engine started last night without much trouble. Everything is in good working order and I am very pleased with the shape the kart is in. I am going to Rimrock Raceway in Midland, TX this weekend for practice. The track is open for practice on Saturday and the West Texas Karting Association is hosting a race on Sunday. I'm planning on practicing Saturday and running the race on Sunday just for practice and to meet people. Since this will be my main practice track, I'd like to meet some regulars that I can practice with. I'm heading to Midland Saturday morning and will be returning Sunday night with some good video and pictures to share.

One last garage is complete without an Ex-Lemons triple element wing.