Saturday, March 6, 2010

Grand-Am Conti Challenge Race - Homestead

As I have posted before, I worked for Team Cardiosport in the Grand-Am Koni Challenge for the the 4 seasons. Despite the team owner of Cardiosport deciding to split ways this past off-season, I've managed to stay active in Grand-Am for the 2010 season. Former Cardiosport team owner Terry Heath of Indianapolis, IN formed Team Euro Motorworks (named after his business) with a goal of running the full season.

Due to the new job and my racing schedule, I won't me able to travel to each race, but will be attending a few. It will be good to back in the Grand-Am paddock. For the other weekends, I workout my "recommended" strategy for each race depending on past race results, our expected pace, the size of the field, our fuel mileage, goals for the race, etc and will make any requested changes to our fuel strategy program.

Team Euro Motorworks traveled Homestead-Miami Speedway (a track Terry and the rest of the former Team Cardiosport has not raced at) for the second Conti Challenge Race. We decided on a one-pit strategy for this race mainly because we expected to be off the pace being that it was our first time at Homestead and because we want to race for podiums, not points. Looking at mainly past race results, past qualifying times, this year's car count, and previous car counts, I estimated that the race would have 16 yellow flag laps and run 92 laps resulting in a pit window of Lap 43 to Lap 49. We use these "race" scenarios to prepare the team for different happenings during the race and to more quickly decide strategy in-race based on what is actually happening. Well for today, I estimated right. There were 16 yellow laps in the race today which ran 91 laps and a yellow fell perfectly in our small, gambling pit window - right on Lap 43. It was very cool to watch this unfold on Grand-Am's Live Timing and Scoring.

I will post another update after I talk to the team.

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