Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Day 1 of the Bondurant Adv. Road Racing School

I made it through Day 1 of the Bondurant 3-Day Advanced Road Racing class today with no incidents and lots of quality seat time. Our instructors for the 6-person class were Pete Miller and Austin Robison. Both were great instructors who gave proper in-car feedback and were pretty handy behind the wheel as well. Today, we ran the newly-liveried Corvette C6 Grand Sport Corvettes around the Bondurant School course. The Bondo 'Vettes held up really well to the abuse and were a blast to drive. They have enough power to be a good throttle-maintenance training tool and the Goodyear rubber provided enough grip and good balance. Also, the brake package was very durable and we didn't have any brake fade issues all day despite the 90 degree ambient temperatures.

We got lucky as we will be running 3 different tracks during the class. Tomorrow, we head to the Firebird West Course and we get to rip up the Firebird East track on Wednesday. This should really help with course recognition and to help us learn how to get pace on new tracks quickly. Can't wait for tomorrow!

I took some video from the on-track driving with my GoPro HD camera so I post that later when I have a chance to edit. After the school, we hit up Octane Raceway for some indoor karting shenanigans from which I also have some good HD video of our "no bumping" and "rule following."

Our Bondo Classroom during the Lunch Break...nice man cave!

Nick Crashing Excessively in a Porsche Cup Car on the Forza Simulator

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