Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Shifter Karts, Pit Bikes and SuperMotos at Rimrock Raceway

I went back to Rimrock Raceway in Midland, TX for more practice in my Birel/Honda Stock Moto shifter kart. After looking at my notes and data, I figured I could chop a few tenths of my time without setup or gearing changes. Rimrock is very small and I do not have the correct gears suited to the track. I decided to keep gearing the same so I could eliminate variables and focus on making ME faster, not my kart.

My thoughts on where to pick up time were correct and I picked up 0.5s in my first session - 35.38 compared to 35.86 last time. The 35.38 was my fastest lap, but I consistently ran 0.2-0.3 faster than my last practice day at Rimrock for the rest of my sessions. I tried out a new camera view with my GoPro HD so check out the video below.

Overall, it was a great day at the track. Sunny and in the 90s and we basically had the track to ourselves. My girlfriend, Ali, and my friend, Justin, made the trek with me. In between shifter sessions, Ali and I had a lap time battle on her Honda XR70 pitbike and Justin clicked off laps on his 400cc Suzuki SuperMoto bike.

Here are some pictures:


  1. Good to hear you are still karting. We raced together at CRP years ago. Matt Tangeman

    1. Thanks Matt! I'm now racing a Spec Racer Ford, but I do miss karting. Hope to get back into it one day. Hope you are doin well man.