Friday, July 30, 2010

Lot's o' Track Time at Bondurant Day 3

Bondurant Day 3 was a blast with basically track sessions all day. It was raining on and off for the first 45-minute session this morning so it provided some good training on being smooth with the inputs. No standing water, just a damp track to it was treacharous out there....and the walls somehow seemed to get bigger in the wet. Next we hit the skidpad for 45 minutes of figure 8 drifting in the Caddy skidcar then back to the Bondurant school course before lunch. This time, the instructors opened up the south portion of the course so we were running the full 1.6 mile course. This opened up the esses on the east side of the course and made this section very quick, about 93 mph into the braking zone of Turn 9, and added the super-late apex constant radius corner into the kink in turn 4 and 5.

Dave Hustling the C6 Vette around the 1.6mi Bondurant Full Course

After lunch, we practiced race starts and restarts behind a pace car with the 6 students in order to meet SCCA licensing requirements. Passing this course allows students to apply for a SCCA regional license - a benefit I will be taking advantage of. We wrapped up Day 3 with a final 30 minute open track session around the full course in the C6 Vettes. Tomorrow will be all track time in the Formula Mazda around two of the Bondurant courses. I am taking a shifter kart course afterwards to tomorrow is going to be very tiring and very fun.

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