Friday, July 16, 2010

Traveling to Danville, VA for the 2010 VA Commonwealth Games Autocross

I was on a business trip to Akron, OH so I traveled down to Danville, Virginia for the 2010 Virginia Commonwealth Games autocross put on the Blue Ride Region of the SCCA. This is a two-day event that attracts some of the best autocrossers from Virginia and the Carolinas held at the Danville, Airport. My Dad and I will be running our STX Mini fresh with a host of new parts. Since our last event at FedEx field, we have KW V3 dampers, tuned KW springs, a smaller front ARB, an adjustable rear ARB, and adjustable ARB end-links. This will obviously be big change from our last event so we have lots to learn about the new setup! Stay tuned for pictures and video.

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  1. Naturally, when in Akron one must visit Danville. Hope it's going well! I just did my first event at FedEx over shutdown...that lot is insanely tricky with the steep slope and varying surface grip.