Thursday, June 18, 2009

MSOKC Points Race # 5

Sorry, I'm a little tardy in posting this last race report. The Mid-State Ohio Kart Club ran their 5th points race of the year last Sunday (6/14) at Circleville Raceway Park. We ran CRP backwards (clockwise) this weekend for the second time this year. I am undecided on whether I like this configuration. It makes some of the corner combinations a blast to drive, but passing is next to impossible. The only really passing opportunities are at the end of the back straight and coming into Turn 9. The track is also much less tiring to drive CW, but I'm not really sure why. I just know that I have much more energy left for that last lap when we race clockwise.

I started Heat 1 in P5 out of 7 karts. This put me on the inside row. I knew it would be difficult to move up in the field during the race, so the start was extra critical. The field roared into Turn 10 (Turn 1 when you run backwards) clean, and I stayed in 5th coming into Turn 9. I got a good run on the kart in front of me, but misjudged how much slower he was at the apex. I drove over his right rear wheel, did a small wheelie, tracked way right and almost ended up in the grass. So much for my good start. I shuffled back to 7th, and stayed there for the rest of the race. I was quicker than the P6 kart, but I could not get by him. 

For Heat 2, the field inverted so I was set to start in P3 until a kart opted to start in the back which moved me to outside pole. I held my position at the start and built up a healthy lead after the 1st lap. Paul Milleman, the points leader, started in 5th and rapidly moved up through the field. He caught me on the 3rd lap and snuck under me in Turn 9. I tried to follow him the best I could for the next 3 laps and cruised home in 3rd. 

My Heat 1 finish killed my qualifying effort. I started in P5 out of the 7 karts and moved up to 4th with a move to the outside on Turn 9 of the 1st lap.  I could not match the pace of the 3rd pace karts, but was able to build up a gap to the karts battling for 5th place behind me. I cruised without anyone near for the majority of the race until the 5th place kart slammed into the back of coming into Turn 10 at about 60mph. I found out after the race that she was having brake troubles, locked the brakes up coming into Turn 10, got sideways, and hit me in the process which caused her to loop the kart (see picture below). This scattered the karts behind me. I came home safely in 4th place. I still can't quite get to the podium! 

I posted the start of the feature race and helmet cam footage of the feature below. I'm headed to Mid-Ohio this weekend to work for Team Cardiosport in the Koni Challenge Series and my next kart race is the weekend after. 

Feature Race Start

Feature Race Helmet Cam (I'll fix the camera angle for the next race)

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