Friday, June 28, 2013

SCCA Match Tour Cancelled - Substitute Testing, Rental Car LTB & PCA Autocross

On the weekend of June 15th and 16th, the SCCA Match Tour planned for Mineral Wells was unfortunately cancelled due to low entry count. The most likely reason was that the 16th was Father's Day, but nonetheless 85 entries did not cut it and the SCCA had to bin it. In order to salvage the weekend, my Dad (who already had a flight to TX booked) made plans for a practice day at Mineral Wells on Saturday and an a PCA club autocross on Sunday.

Rainy Mineral Wells
It was a pretty small crowd at Mineral Wells on Saturday and we had two separate courses setup with a skidpad. We had a few hours of dry running before the rain came down which was a bit of a buzzkill, but we used the opportunity to log more laps and get seat-time in drying conditions on race tires. We also had a bit of fun in someone's rental cars including some reverse lapping and a National Champion lap time battle. There was a bit of controversy over who won so we we'll keep the results off of the web....however my Dad put in a good showing against 4 guys with a combined 12 (I think) National Championships. 

Solo National Champ Lap Time Battle
On Sunday, we autocrossed with the Maverick Region PCA club at Pennington Field in Dallas. It is a fairly small lot but has very coarse concrete that provides tons of grip. We got a total of 9 runs and had a great time in good weather. 

Sunday's Autocross Course

Dad on Grid for the Father's Day Autocross
My Dad made huge improvements through the weekend. I think we had a bit of a breakthrough on how to find pace with the Camaro. He had a smoking final run and came home 4th overall. I had a close battle a 2012 ZR1 who took home FTD and got me by about a tenth. My 3rd run in the afternoon was my quickest at a 33.341 and I could not find more pace on my final two runs.....the last photo below may help explain that!

Raw Time Results - 2nd and 4th fastest for the ESP Camaro

Steel showing on race tires...signs of a fun weekend
Onboard video from my fastest run:

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