Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Equipe Rapide Challenge Cup # 4 - Tradin' the Camaro for an STS CRX

A few days after getting back from Lincoln, Ali and I turned around and headed to Dallas for the weekend. David Whitener offered me a co-drive in his STS CRX of National Championship and Grassroots Motorsports tire testing fame. I was really looking forward to driving his car because I know how well sorted and tested the car is. It did not disappoint. Thanks David!

I had my best finish of the season so far in the ER X-Pro class (PAX based) taking home 2nd place behind my co-driver, Mr. Whitener, who took home Top PAX. I finished 2nd in PAX so it a successful day for the little Honda!

Class Results
PAX Ranking

Here is onboard video from my fastest run:

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