Friday, June 28, 2013

Off to Germany for Fine Art and Castles.....oh and the 'Ring

My first trip to Europe is set to be a good one. I fly out today to Frankfurt with Ali and my family for a week of trekking around Deutschland. Here is the route:

Our first stop will be the town of Nurburg where I hear they have a cool racetrack so will be doing my best crazy German with white socks and boat shoes impression:

My Dad and I will be driving the Touristenfahrten sessions on Sunday (full day) and Monday (evening session). We have a Subaru BRZ for Sunday and a VW Scirocco for Monday rented from Rent4Ring. Dale Lomas over at has been super helpful in getting our rental squared away and answering my 'Ring-newbie questions. 

Hopefully the rain will stay away
Details on the Rent4Ring Cars:

I will be posting some updates to the blog during and after the trip hopefully with some cool photos and videos from the Nurburgring and the rest of our trip to Germany including the BMW Museum in Munich! Auf Wiedersehen. 

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