Friday, March 1, 2013

Two Club Autocrosses this Weekend in Mineral Wells

I am in Mineral Wells, TX to run two local autocross in the ESP Camaro this weekend. My Dad came to Texas for a weekend of V8 fun and tire shredding. 

The Expansive Asphalt of the Mineral Wells Airport (~1,400 x 1,500ft)
We are running with the Lone Star Chapter BMW Club on Saturday. The Camaro fits into their Z class so far our class consists of our Camaro and a 2006 Lotus Elise. BMWCCA autocross gives quite a few runs with each of us slated to get 10 runs on a course which should be good for driver training and suspension tuning. On Sunday, we will be running in the 1st autocross of the season for the Equipe Rapide Sports Car Club. I ran a few events with ER in 2011 and 2012 and enjoying running with this Dallas-based club. They have a solid crew of National-level autocrossers. 

Gave the CCW wheels a bath before the race weekend
Strano Parts Adjustable 22mm Rear ARB
Between last weekend's testing and this weekend, I did not change too much on the car. I added the 22mm Strano Parts adjustable rear ARB and will be testing it this weekend at the club autocrosses. I am looking at local events this to help me continue to dial in the ESP Camaro's suspension. 

Data toys from Race Technology
See abovefor the ESP Camaro's newest feature. I received it from UPS late Thursday night after I had already loaded the car for the weekend. I will try to have it setup for Sunday's event so I can learn how to use the Race Technology system. 


  1. Dave, which setup did you go with? We've got the Video4 and are really happy with it. Let me know if you ever need help with the data analysis or setup. I wrote a post on this about a year ago ( While the layout file in there is old the basic method is still what we use now. Let me know if you're interested in my new layout. -Jeff

  2. Hey Jeff, I have the DL1 and Video4. I got it set up after the Saturday autocross last weekend and used it for the first time on Sunday.I am accustomed to Racelogic mainly so the RT products will take a bit to get used to. Yes, I would definitely be interested into the layout file you are using now. Can you email me a picture/description to dogburn at gmail dot com? Thanks man.