Monday, September 6, 2010

Day 2 at the 2010 SCCA Solo Nationals - High Winds and More Testing

Day 2 at the 2010 SCCA Solo Nationals is in the books. My Dad and I ran another 2-hour test and tune session and made some good progress on our driving and the car setup. Our base suspension setting is good so we made minor adjustments to the tire pressures to fine tune the car's balance in steady-state sweepers and transients. I watched several STX competitors run the test and tune course, including the 2009 STX national champ, and I was running times competitive in the Mini. My goal is to trophy (top 15 out of 54 drivers) and this certainly looks possible. Tomorrow will be the true test as we have our first official runs. We will run three competition runs on the "West Course." 3 more runs on the "East Course" on Wednesday will decide the championship. Wish us luck!

Thanks to Courtney Courmier for his advice and feedback on our STX Mini and driving technique.

Here is my fastest lap around the test and tune course:

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