Thursday, January 21, 2010

For Sale: My TAG Kart (First Kart/ Vortex Rok TT)

Due to switch to Stock Moto for the 2010 season, I am selling my First Kart/ Rok TT TAG package.

Chassis is a 2004 First Kart T.01 purchased from the First Kart national team in August 2008. In total, the kart has 15 races and 8 practice days on it and has never been crashed or flipped.

The Engine is a 2008 Vortex Rok TT built by Bill Willis at Powersports to WKA spec. The motor has 7 hours on it after a complete rebuild in July 2009 by Powersports. Bill’s motors make great low and top end power. At Circleville raceway, I could pull anybody in my class on the straightaway. It was the driver holding me back, not my engine.

I have an external starter, over 20 sprockets, and spares that can be worked into the deal. Let me know if you are interested.

The kart is currently located in Dublin, OH. Please email me at to negotiate sale/pick-up. Price is $2,600. I am moving to Texas so I would prefer to sell by Feb. 6th. Thanks for looking!

-Dave Ogburn

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