Thursday, January 28, 2010

Just Finished Mark Donohue's Biography - Great Read

I just finished "Mark Donohue: Technical Excellence as Speed." It was long (302 textbook-like pages), but totally worth it. Michael Argetsinger goes into amazing detail and clearly did his research on Mark Donohue and his illustrious racing career. From Mark's self-funded foray into SCCA club racing to Trans-Am to Le Mans to Can-Am to Formula 1, then book covers each stage of his life in amazing detail.

As a young racer and engineer, I found this book incredibly inspiring and insightful into racing's history. I am huge fan of all forms of motorsport and now I feel like I truly understand the way racing used to be and what the glory days of series like the Trans-Am and Can-Am were like. Racing was certainly different back then! The thought of a guy starting SCCA club racing at age 22 going on to win the Indy 500 and race in Formula 1 is unfathomable nowadays. Young or old, I would recommend this book to any racing who wants to learn about one of the great racecar drivers and engineers.

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