Sunday, April 19, 2009

Update for 2009 Season

Since the end of last season, Yaw Moment Racing has gone through a few changes so here is the quick rundown.

I sold the A-mod racecar so I can focus money and time on kart racing.

I bought this 6x12 Haulmark Trailer for my karting team. This sure beats racing out of the back of a pickup truck.

I switched to a Vortex Rok TT TAG engine from the Rotax FR125 so I can run at a higher minimum weight. The Rok revs higher, has more torque, vibrates like crazy, and is all-around a different beast than the Rotax. It should be a big improvement over last season.

That pretty much sums up my off-season improvements. I made it back to the track in late March and have completed 3 test days so far and taken a kart driving school. I've shaken off the winter blues and have made steady improvement over the past few weeks. Here is a video from my first practice at Circleville Raceway Park in 2009.

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