Monday, April 27, 2009

MSOKC Points Race # 1

In the Midstate Ohio Kart Club championship, your best 9 out of 12 events count and you must race in at least 9 events. Points Race # 1 will certainly be a drop for Yaw Moment Racing. Sunday was "just one of those days."

In practice, I ran my fastest lap ever at Circleville Raceway (on old tires) at a 44.9 so things were looking up. I mounted new tires and prepped for qualifying. As I'm sitting on the grid, I notice my right rear tire is losing pressure. I hop out to find 5 psi in the tire and my group takes the green flag before I can find the leak. This is a mistake I will certainly learn from.

I get the tire problem fixed for the 6-lap heat race and line up at the back of the 11 kart grid. I make two passes on the first lap and set my sights on catching the pack of 3 karts in front of me. I'm gaining on them in every corner as they are dicing and slowing each other down while I have clear track until my chain pops off and I come to a halt safely off track. Bummer.

Ok, new chain, new sprocket and YMR is ready for the feature race. Now I have 10 laps to try and move up through the field. My friend goes to start me on the grid to no avail. He tries again and again and still nothing from the motor. My class takes the green and a very frustrating day comes to an end. Back in the paddock, we find that my ignition coil failed on my Rok TT. I pulled one off of a competitor's motor to troubleshoot and the motor fired right up.

Next race is in two weeks and YMR will bounce back from a tough season opener. Congrats to Paul Milleman for taking home pole and the win.

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