Friday, August 3, 2012

My New FR-S

Ali and I made the trek to bustling Altus, OK to pick up my new FR-S on Tuesday. Putnam Toyota was great to work with. They had everything ready to go when I arrived and 25min later I was driving my new car away. Here are a few cell phone photos:

So far I am really enjoying the car. It has a excellent steering feel and the shifter is great - the only car with better shift feel I've driven is an Acura NSX. Especially for it's price, it feels very solid and well built and clearly the Toyota test drivers and engineers put effort into all of the driver inputs - the seats are good, steering wheel is nice leather and a good size, shift feel is great like I mentioned, the handbrake is a good location for e-brake drifting, and the pedals have decent spacing for heel/toe downshifting. I have about 400mi on it now and am doing a 1,000mi break-in so I haven't driven it too hard yet. I will have more reviews and updates to come as I learn more about the FR-S.

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