Saturday, August 11, 2012

E Street Prepared at the 2012 Solo Nationals

The early registration deadline for the 2012 SCCA Solo Nationals has passed and it looks like we are set for a record attendance in Lincoln with 1,168 drivers pre-registered for the event. We are bound to see some change up or down from this number as we get close to the big event, but things are looking good for the sport.

E Street Prepared class is looking strong this year with 32 entries up from 23 in 2011. 32 entries will mean trophies will pay out for the top 9 drivers in class. To make up the 32 driver grid, there are 22 racecars with 10 two-driver cars competing. We have a wide variety of cars in class including 4 Subaru WRXs, 9 Ford Mustangs, 6 Chevy Camaros, 1 Pontiac Firebird, 1 Pontiac Trans-Am, and 1 Eagle Talon.

Using the Solo Stats book mentioned in my previous post, I complied some stats on the ESP class in 2012. Among the 32 ESP drivers, we have a competed in a total of 164 Solo Nationals taking home 48 trophies and 10 National Championships. Of the championships, ESP superstar Mark Madarash is the largest contributor with 7 National Championships all in ESP. Karen Kraus is a two-time winner (ESPL and DSL) and I added one to the total with my 2011 A-Stock win. We have a great field in E Street Prepared and I can't wait for the Solo Nationals this year.

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