Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Race Recap: May 19th, 2012 WTKA Shifter Kart Race at Rimrock

I competed in the 3rd race of the West Texas Karting Association's club schedule at Rimrock Raceway this past Saturday night. Here is a quick summary because I am tired:

1) Drove to Dallas Friday night for Ali's sister's college graduation (Congrats Kim)
2) Went to Kim's graduation Saturday morning
3) Flew to Midland (cheap Southwest flight)
4) Joe and Stuart picked me up at the airport Saturday afternoon
5) Realized I forgot to pack my driving suit so I had to borrow a motorcycle jacket from somebody (Thanks Mike!) and wear my Polo jeans from the graduation ceremony

6) Raced against 7 shifter karts and one twin-engine Yamaha at Rimrock Raceway
7) Won Heat 1 after drawing pole (pill pick for starting position)
8) Finished P3 in the 2nd heat after starting DFL
9) Started P2 on the grid for the 12 lap feature
10) Damaged my bumper while trying to pass Stuart who started on Pole

11) Passed Stuart for the lead on Lap 2
12) Won the feature by a few kart lengths

13) Packed up and got home around 2AM Sunday morning
14) Slept until Noon and unloaded the trailer with the guys

I had a blast racing with the Midland crew and am looking forward to running more races with the WTKA. Here is onboard video of the feature race:

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