Friday, March 16, 2012

2012 SCCA Texas National Tour This Weekend

Satellite View of the Texas A&M Riverside Campus 

My Parents, Ali and I made traveled to College Station, TX for a fun weekend of family and racing.  My Dad and I are racing our E Street Prepared Camaro Z28 in the SCCA Texas National Tour at the Texas A&M Riverside Campus. The A&M Riverside Campus (seen in photo above) is a huge X-shaped intersection of old concrete runways and taxiways that is capable of hosting 90+ second courses.  This is our first National event in the Camaro and actually my Dad's first time to autocross it. He ran an EVO Advantage school this morning to get some base seat time and feedback from myself and EVO instructors. He did a great job and took to the new car nicely especially considering his normal ride is a FWD Mini Cooper on street tires.

Paddock Setup for the TX Nationl Tour - weather was a little gloomy this morning!

There are 170+ cars registered for the event and hopefully the weather will stay dry. Either way, we run in the first heat tomorrow with the first car off at 9AM. As always, it will be a three run shootout for the win!

E Street Prepared Entry List:

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