Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Free Tires!

I received four 315/35ZR17 Hoosier A6 tires in the mail a few days ago as part of my National Championship winning contingency package from Hoosier. These tires are for the ESP Camaro...you know a race tire is proper sized when your fiance can fit inside of it!


  1. That's how you know your fiance is properly sized too. What's the story with the Camaro?

  2. I have been meaning to post some info on the Camaro, but here is the short story. My Dad and I purchased the car to run Nationals. We were looking for a competitive SP car so when it came for sale we bought it quickly. Sam Strano built the car and we bought it from him (stranoparts.com) He won two championships in FS and two ESP championships with this car but hasn't run it much since 2006 when he switched to Mustangs and Vettes. It needs a few updates but should be ready to go out of the box. First event this weekend so we shall see how it worked out.