Monday, September 19, 2011

2011 Solo Nationals PAX Index Ranking Released

An SCCA members calculated the overall PAX rankings for the 2011 SCCA Solo Nationals. Out of a total 1,106 drivers, I finished 161st. I was hoping for a bit better considering I won my class, but this is a big improvement considering I finished in the mid-400s last year.

In case you are not familiar, the PAX ranking is an a multiplier applied to the times of each class. It is based on results from previous national level SCCA Solo events and is meant to equalize the classes and give an overall ranking of who is the "best driver." There are many flaws to this system especially at a 4-day event like the Solo Nationals due to different weather conditions, track temperatures, car/drive development in a class compared to previous years, etc. However, it is still an interesting statistic to look at and always good for bragging rights among friends in different classes!

Snapshot of the Overall PAX Rankings

Link to the PAX Results:

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