Monday, May 23, 2011

Long, Hot Test Day at Rimrock Raceway

Our Paddock Setup for Sunday

On Sunday, I made the trek to Midland, TX with my friends Joe, Stuart, and Yama to do some testing in our shifter karts at Rimrock Raceway. Joe and Stuart recently bought and put together Birel stock moto shifters so this was their first day driving their karts. My friend Carlos from Odessa also joined us at the track in his 80cc Honda shifter kart. Initially, we had some issues with Joe's kart when the axle sprocket started to slip on the axle and then his front master cylinder locked up in the 100 degree Texas heat. With these items fixed, he got some good laps in and got up to pace quickly turning some high 34s lap times. Stuart's 2011 Birel shifter ran well all day and, despite getting a little dehydrated, he had some fun ripping up the track in his quick kart.

I had fuel pump issues that plagued me all day so I only turned about 15 laps with reduced power. A quick fuel pump rebuild back at the shop should fix this. The point of the day was to help Joe and Stuart get up to speed and they did a great job for their first day driving shifter karts. Any time you get a bunch of test drivers together in shifter karts it is sure to get competitive!

Thanks to Takahisa Yamaoka for taking some great photos and driving the truck when we were too tired to make the 2 hour drive back to San Angelo.

Joe and Stuart getting racy on track

Joe and I coming though Turn 7

Carlos on track in his 80cc Shifter

Photo Credits: Takahisa Yamaoka

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