Sunday, July 17, 2016

It doesn't always go as planned!

Ali, Koni the dog and I went to Harris Hill Road yesterday for some testing in the T4 Corolla. The goal was to test rear spring rates and damper settings. Per the Touring 4 class rules, I have to run a non-adjustable damper. I have a set of adjustable Koni dampers from ProPartsUSA on the car for testing. The plan was to fix the damper settings and then send the dampers back to ProParts to get the adjuster disabled before the Runoffs. That plan will be on hold for now because the test day did not go as planned. I had a failure in the rear suspension in my first couple of laps. Luckily it can be fixed fairly easily and it didn't cause a crash, but it did end the test day.

In actuality, the rear suspension issue didn't change the day's result. Unfortunately, Harris Hill has gotten too bumpy to be used to setup a racecar in my opinion. It was definitely bumpy in December when I visited in the RX-8, but it has gotten worse and I am convinced I would have destroyed the car if I had run my whole test plan Saturday. On the lap before the suspension failed, I had pretty much decided that I was putting the car back on the trailer instead of running through any spring/damper changes. It really is unfortunate...H2R has a fun layout and is run by great people. I really enjoy driving the track and the track management is so easy-going and fantastic to work with. There are still many things that the track can be used for, but, for me, setting up a racecar with 2.3+hz natural frequency suspension front and rear isn't one of them.

Good morning weather at H2R
Discussing the rear suspension problem with One Lap, autocross and GRM superstar Andy Hollis

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