Monday, July 21, 2014

Postcards from Monaco

Getting caught up on blogging. A few things to recap.....starting off with actually finishing posts about my trip to Europe...

Here's the quick summary: Monaco is awesome and you should go GP weekend or any other weekend if you can.

Here are some photos which will show you why:

Driving through the Alps en route to Monaco
La Ferrari sighting
Stepping out of the Monte Carlo Train Station
Subliminal advertising.....
Port Hercule
The Fort Antoine amphitheater (hint: it was in GoldenEye)
GP2 teams lining up for their turn on track 
Caterham GP2 
That's a nice building!
Our view of pit lane
Roughin' it....
Casino de Monte Carlo
The Famous Fairmont Hotel Hairpin
Partying til 5am at La Rascasse
Racing two scooters on the GP Track with some ahole going the wrong way.....

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