Saturday, June 14, 2014

East Belguim Action & Fun Karting Center

Despite a group of weird Belgians playing skee-ball in livestock costumes, this is the best indoor karting track I have been to. First off, all of the employees spoke English well so that was a good start. The karts were gas-powered which I prefer and the track was long with lap times around 57-60s. At first it seems a bit expensive at 38 Euros per session, but one session is a total of 35min of track time - 10min qualifying session and a 25 minute race which is far superior to the 8min non-race sessions standard at American tracks. We had 16 drivers in our session. I got beaten by a few flyweight Belgians qualifying 4th and finish 4th in the race. Overall, I would high recommend this place if you are rolling through Eastern's just around the corner, right?

Btw, I didn't get any photos or video from the karting center so these are photos and videos I pulled from the interwebs.

Link to the East Belguim Karting Center

Oh yah...with techno beats:

This is what it's like onboard:

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